The journey to explore ideas to try in your free time continues today. Other ideas have been published earlier. Let’s check them out!

Here are some new ideas to try out in your free time.
  1. Organize a picnic. Choose a date, a place and invite your friends and/or family. The formula, particularly convivial, is declined in many ways and can integrate a theme, a specific culinary style, a walk, or even games for the youngest and, why not, also for the older.
  2. Take a trip alone. This may seem like a very bold big step if you are used to travelling with your partner, family or friends. The advantage is the incredible freedom to really do what you want, not to compromise with others on what you want to do, and to plan an itinerary only according to your wishes.
  3. Read a book outdoors. Choose a comfortable place, a park with a beautiful lawn for example, and take a blanket to sit on. Take advantage of your time to read a book by occasionally looking at the people around you, walking, children playing, dogs running. Enjoy the life that unfolds around you, without you having to do anything. And if you finish the book, why not leave it on a bench with some advice for those who want to take it?
  4. Cultivate your own garden. Whether you want medicinal plants, vegetables or flowers, making a garden is fun and instructive. If you don’t have land, you can also do it on a balcony. And if you do not have a balcony either, there are plants that live well also inside. This activity is particularly healthy because it allows you to regain contact with nature, to understand its dynamics and to observe its wonders.
  5. Immerse yourself in nature. As I said before, being in contact with nature is extremely energizing, relaxing and reassuring. Whether it’s a walk in a forest, in a park or a full immersion in nature, like camping, listen to your wishes and make them come true.

Would you have other ideas to add? Let me know!

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