Alan Turing ended his life on June 7, 1954.

He ate a piece of apple with cyanide.

He did so because the British government had chemically castrated him, humiliated him and tried him because he was gay.

For this reason there is a bitten apple on the Apple logo, in honor of Alan Turing.

Alan Turing invented computer science and using his first drawings deciphered the Enigma code  – the encrypted machine that the Nazis and the German army used to communicate secret commands with each other during World War II.

Thanks to this, he saved millions of human lives and with him began the modern era of computer science.

Alan Turing’s story should remind us that Pride is not just about dancing on floats and waving a rainbow flag.

Above all, it must remind us that everyone has the right to be happy, to love everyone who wants to love and to recognize the remarkable contribution that we all can make in a society free from fear or prejudice.