Do you know what are you going to do today? Are you bored sometimes on Sundays?

Here are some ideas that you could try out in your free time, or when you feel bored. 

  1. Have you ever thought about becoming a juggler? In addition to the development of concentration and the improvement of psychomotricity, juggling is very fun to learn. Once you master it, it is an activity that will entertain children, but not only. Then, who knows, it could become a second source of income. 
  2. Offer yourself a moment of relaxation. Whether you go to a specialized center or have someone come to your home, offer yourself a moment to relax. A massage with essential oils made by expert hands is a panacea for relaxation. You can call someone to your place, as I do when I want to get a pedicure. You could also organize a complete home ritual: scented bath, candles, and of course relaxing music. 
  3. Organize a movie night. Choose your favorite film, or one you would like to share with your friends, prepare some popcorn, something to drink and start watching the movie. At the end you can discuss it with your friends. 
  4. Participate in a festival. Look on your town’s online agenda to see if you find a dance, music, or theater festival. If you don’t find it nearby, then look for it in other places, maybe in one of those places that you wanted to visit for a long time. And if you do not find anything today, look for something to do next Sunday.
  5. Plan a visit to a museum or exhibition. We usually are prepared to go more or less far to see an exhibition, forgetting about the treasures close to home. Search for the list of museums that are located in your area and book a guided tour with the one that interests you most. Of course, if you don’t like guided tour, you could also go on your own!

Have you come up with ideas for activities to try in your free time to share with others?

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