The importance of trees in cities, but not only, is also evident from the final declaration of the recent G20 summit in Rome which reads: “Recognizing the urgency to combat soil degradation and create new carbon sinks, we share the ambitious goal of planting 1,000 billion trees collectively, focusing on the most degraded ecosystems on the planet “.
“We urge other countries to join forces with the G20 to achieve this global goal by 2030, including through climate projects, with the involvement of the private sector and civil society”.

The importance of trees in cities does not have to be demonstrated. Natural filters, trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants to return oxygen and naturally cool the air during hot summer days.

In addition, they also offer shelter to small animals, birds build their nests there and with their roots, trees carry out a flood protection action by helping the soil drainage.

Last year a local television crew from Brussels stopped me on the street to interview me about something that had happened where I live. A man had cut branches from a tree, obviously without having the right because it is the municipality that is in charge of cutting trees’ branches regularly.

Therefore, they asked me what my opinion was about it. My comment was negative. How could a citizen dare to cut branches from a tree that belongs to the whole community? Trees are our friends; they do a very important and priceless job for all of us. Maybe I exaggerate a little, because I also think they give me positive energy and when I walk in the forest, I do not miss the opportunity to hug some trees.

I am happy to see that more and more city administrations are moving towards the organization of events in honour of our friends, the trees of course, which are good not only for the environment but also for the health and psychological well-being of each of us.

What about you? Do you love trees? Do you also find that they perform a fundamental function for us all?

house covered with red flowering plant
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