During the lock-down, the gym clubs have been closed (at least in Europe) and not all of us were able or willing to workout in our homes, perhaps following a video on YouTube. However, to prevent not only weight gain but also stress and anxiety from increasing, it is essential to exercise regularly.

Rhythmic physical activity (dancing, walking, cycling) alone is not enough, you need to maintain muscle mass which with ageing will be decreasing.

Maintaining muscle mass is particularly important in the case of a diet. In fact, thanks to a well developed muscle mass, you can avoid regaining fat and stabilize your weight. To do that, you should eat protein, do some resistance training, increase your Omega 3 intake, and check out your vitamin D levels.

In addition, there are at least 12 other benefits of moderate and regular physical activity. Let us see them.

1. More physical, mental and emotional well-being.

2. Reduce hunger.

3. Improve “bad” cholesterol and reduces triglycerides.

4. Decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Decrease resting heart rate.

6. Reduce abdominal fat.

7. Improve sleep quality.

8. Reduce the time to fall asleep.

Change your habits! Run, cycle, walk in the nature but also in the city, take a yoga or Pilates class even online or take a sports coach. You will see that you will soon get back your shape and motivation!

Are you willing to start or restart going to the gym?

photo of woman doing yoga
Photo by Li Sun on Pexels.com