As trees are losing their leaves in the fall, we are losing our hair.

A plant that slows down hair loss is nettle. Re-mineralizing thanks to the silicon it contains, rich in iron, vitamin B and other minerals, nettle helps in the prevention of anaemia, slightly drains the kidneys and strengthens hair, nails and skin.

Using it in powder or capsules for the duration of autumn, you will find yourself with more voluminous hair, stronger nails and new radiance of your skin.

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During the autumn, the days get shorter and you may lack some motivation.

You can try rhodiola. It will help you adapt to the different types of stress you experience. It is a plant with antidepressant properties and increases the production of dopamine in the brain, thus helping you to regain some motivation and enthusiasm to start projects. It can also prevent burnout, professional but also personal. In the autumn period, when you need more energy, the rhodiola will help you not to yield to the progressive lack of light.

Orange leaves are a panacea for the soul because it gives you comfort and calms down anxiety, stress and nervousness. They say that it can reconnect you to your inner child. It is a first-rate nervous rebalancing, also with antispasmodic properties if the spasms are of nervous origin (cough, stomachache).  

Pay attention that if you have any particular health conditions or if you are pregnant, you shall consult your doctor. Plants have powerful properties and you have to be careful.  

What about trying one (or more) of those natural remedies?

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