One of my followers pointed me out that in my post “Stay Away From Crabs = Stay Away From Negative People” I refer to success, without explaining what I mean. This could lead to misunderstandings and may make some readers feel uncomfortable.

Most of us actually think that success is having a lot of money, a beautiful car, a big house in a prestigious area, a super gourgeous, nice and rich partner. Usually successful people are also famous, they can be actors, great sportsmen or business people.

We take these ideas from the various media, television in the first place. Advertisements and programs make us see unreal worlds and at the same time they make us want all those things that we think they would change our lives and transform us into successful people.

I think that success is about fulfilling your dreams and living according to your values.

From this point of view, I consider myself a successful person. I have accomplished so many things (and many I still want to accomplish) that I wanted to do since I was a teenager and that match with my values. For example, building up a family: I got married and I’m still married after almost 25 years, I have a son; getting a meaningful job: I contribute to the construction of an increasingly united Europe; knowing different cultures: I traveled a lot, I still want to travel a lot, I studied a lot and I still want to study a lot to learn and better understand the world and their people.

I am not famous but all the things I have done led me to live a pleasant, fun and serene life. Obviously I have my ups and downs and my difficulties like everyone else. But this does not change my idea of ​​being a successful person. I did the things I believed in and still believe in. I went ahead despite the difficulties. This is another meaning of success: the ability to keep going, always, despite everything. And this is also resilience. Think of children when they learn to walk. They fall and get up, again and again but for sure they do not think they will never be able to walk because they have fallen so many times! They keep on going, falling and getting up because the final goal is so important. Maybe sometimes they get hurt and cry, but they don’t give up, they want to learn to walk. And when they succeed, here’s their success!

What is your dream? What are your values? What would you give up to achieve your dream? What would you never give up instead? What fills up your life? What does make sense to you? Let me know!