Do you know Pilates? It is a complete physical exercise that strengthens the muscles and the mind at the same time. During a Pilates session, the mind controls the movements of the body and the breathing allows the movements to be amplified. It’s not complicated, is it? Although it is a rather simple discipline, Pilates is an intense sport that helps to regain physical and mental well-being.

Through the sequence of fluid postures, Pilates allows you to work the strength and flexibility of the whole body. Pilates is an excellent exercise to recover your shape, and the benefits go beyond the loss of a few extra pounds and a flat stomach.

The stressful rhythm of modern life does not always allow us to take care of ourselves, of our body and our mind. Too often, we spend all day sitting in front of the computer, busy finding solutions to different problems. As a result, it is not rare to suffer from muscle contractions, back pain and stress in general. Focusing on the present moment and strengthening the abdominal muscles (the so-called Power House), Pilates is an exceptional antidote to the tensions of your body and mind.