Hiking means enjoying a revitalizing moment. People increasingly appreciate the benefits of slowness and simplicity. Walking is a wonderful way to discover the natural environment.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start hiking:

1. It is an extremely healthy activity.

Hiking can improve your general physical health that under many aspects is comparable to other sports. Sleep improves, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases is reduced. Indeed, it could also be better than an indoor sport activity: the uneven surface of the paths allows actually to work naturally and effectively on your internal balance and to strengthen it. This does not happen on a treadmill in the gym, whose surface is absolutely equal and you can only change the inclination. The gym doesn’t even offer the combination of pure air and natural light, accompanied by sounds, colours and perfumes of nature.

2. Walking outdoors makes you happier.

Hiking strengthen your spirit and your body at the same time. You can improve your mood, you can increase your happiness, the symptoms of anxiety and depression can be reduced. Connecting your spirit and your senses to the present moment, an excursion into nature represents the perfect antidote to the stress of modern life. In Japan, a long walk in the natural environment is considered an official therapy to reduce stress. The “shinrin-yoku“, or bath in the forest, simply consists of plunging yourself in the heart of a peaceful forest for a few hours and soaking up its atmosphere.

3. Sport is mixed with discovery

This is one of the main advantages of hiking, because it allows you to associate sport with discovery. Going to the gym can sometimes be difficult while going on an excursion is perceived as a pleasant activity. Hiking is always a new journey. By simply putting one foot in front of the other, you can venture into the diversity of new landscapes: green prairies, relaxing forests, sparkling lakes or cozy villages.

4. It’s a nearly free activity

There is no need to enrol, no classes or expensive equipment are required, hiking is an affordable activity. some nature reserves may ask for a low-cost entry ticket but there are plenty of areas whose access is completely free. The only think really necessary is a pair of good and comfortable shoes and a hat and sunglasses if it is sunny, of course.

5. Hiking is accessible to all, in almost all seasons and in all places

Everyone can enjoy a walk in the nature, regardless of the age and the level of training. Of course, you may have to choose paths that are suitable for your age and physical fitness. You don’t even need to plan or prepare the excursion in advance. Surely there are natural spaces suitable for hiking around or not far from you. If there are no mountains or large trails nearby where you live, there will certainly be a park or a natural space.

Let me know about your experience!