You are agile if you can manage yourself and you have three main attributes: adaptability, proactivity and resilience. 

Indeed, according to the article Networking, Adaptability And Resilience As Some Of Agility Dimensions, the profile of an agile person is someone who is:

1. Adaptive – able to adjust to different organisational conditions (new equipment, new ways of working, projects, teams);

2. Proactive – able to respond promptly and to look for opportunities in the changed environment, and

3. Resilient – able to cope under changing or unknown conditions or when facing difficulty or failure.

 How does one develop personal agility? Adopting these behaviours can help:

1. Expect change to happen

2. Embrace ambiguity

3. Learn to reframe your thoughts 

4. Accept failure and learn from mistakes

5. Be curious

6. Develop a can-do attitude

7. Distinguish between two main groups of stressors: those that are out of your control and those that you can confront

Being agile does not mean saying ‘yes’ to everything. On the contrary, while this may be a self-management concept, whether one is agile or not will be influenced by the organizational context. 

Nevertheless, there is plenty we can do to develop agility. But above all, try to adopt an agile mindset, like the one of children.

What do you think about the agile concept? Let me know!