Going on vacation is very important for your physical and mental health. You should think about taking rest periods during Easter even without being able to travel.

When you work you look forward to the weekend but it is not enough time to fully recharge. To be able to really disconnect from work you need more time.

Vacations are a period of time that we all need, as much as we need to sleep, eat, drink, if we want to stay healthy.

Vacations allow us to recover and when we come back, we often feel better, full of energy and even more creative.

It does not matter whether you go on vacation or not. The main thing is that you can rest and put aside your daily worries. Choose what to do, with whom and when to do it. Not everyone likes travelling. Some like to have time to read more, do more physical activity, and spend time outdoors. Others like to take small hikes, without straying too far from home. Some people enjoy long trips, some others like only short ones.

There are also people who do not like being at home. They do not know what to do, they get bored, they do not want to tidy up the house, and they think about many things, as if they were working. But they would enjoy to get to know new places, or return to places they have loved before.

Whatever you prefer, if you have to stay at home during this Easter, try these tips:

1. Don’t read professional emails;

2. Do little housework;

3. Establish rules and times for being at the computer or television (both for you and your children, if you have any);

4. Look for new places to discover in your neighbourhood;

5. Spend time in nature because nature is a source of energy;

6. Make a list of what you would normally do on vacation;

7. Organize a movie marathon with friends and discuss with them to find out which ones you all liked the most;

8. You can do the same thing with a book. Choose with your friends a book you all read. Then, gather together to comment on it;

9. Why don’t you start with that hobby you have been thinking about for a long?

10. And, above all, indulge yourself by buying some chocolate (it’s Easter, the best moment to eat it)!

Have you decided what to do today?