This Christmas I didn’t go home to Italy. This Christmas I am in Cuba.

Many have asked me why Cuba.

For many years I wanted to visit Cuba and finally I decided to book the flight, organize a small tour with a local agency and then finish the holiday in a hotel on a beach, that looks like the photo you see above.

I have been travelling alone with my son, my husband did not feel like coming with us. It’s a pity, this makes me a little sad, because Christmas is meant to be with the family.

But this Christmas is different. After two years of Covid, now there is war in Europe, we must save on energy, our homes and offices are all rather cold.

So, I said to myself:

  1. Carpe diem. Life is short, sometimes it is also difficult, my son will be finishing his master, I received a promotion at work, this year is the right time that we will go to Cuba.
  2. Considering the temperatures there are here in Brussels (but in Bologna it would not be better), I decide to go to get some sun on a beautiful Caribbean island rich in history, and an outpost of communism in the American continent.

That Cuba is the outpost of communism in America has not benefited them much nor does it continue to benefit them. In fact, the island has been under an embargo since the sixties precisely because of this, because they are communists. Life on the island is difficult, many things are missing. My guide told me that what for us is normal here for them is a luxury. Unfortunately, medicines are also not easily found. So, this Christmas, instead of making the usual donation to an association that wants to protect human rights or the environment, I decided to show my solidarity with the Cuban people by going to visit their island.

Wherever you are right now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

And remember: carpe diem!