This is a short story of a little mouse who does not want to leave his box.

The box represents your comfort zone. From this story you will understand why you should try to leave your comfort zone.

When a little mouse is in a box full of rice, he thinks life is fun and enjoyable because he has enough food.

Then he will stay in this box and enjoy it until the rice is finished.

One day, however, when the box is empty, the mouse will see that he has been trapped and will no longer be able to get out of that box.

As long as you have the strength, motivation, and health to do so, you can always take risks to try to improve your life.

Do this instead of choosing to stay in your illusory comfort zone.

When you decide to step up and leave your comfort zone, you will discover a completely different and more interesting life.

Also remember that every long journey begins with a first step (Lao Tzu).