Why does the crow walk limping?

A short time ago I wrote a story about a crow and a dove. In that story, the dove makes a bad impression, while in this story she takes revenge. Let’s see how.

Once a crow saw a dove walking more gracefully than any other bird.

The step of the dove enchanted him and he decided to imitate her. The crow wanted at all costs to be able to move like her. But in that way his bones hurt.

Then, the other birds made fun of him, so the crow, ashamed, decided to return to the previous gait.

However, he did not succeed, because all his attempts to walk like the dove had made him forget his original movements.

That’s why since then crows jump, they cannot walk in either way.

In this case the moral is that you should accept yourself as you are because by comparing yourself to others you may hurt yourself.

What do you think of this story? Have you ever compared yourself to others?