It is the end of winter and spring appears timidly showing us the first blossoms, longer days and birds that build nests.

Spring marks the awakening of nature and therefore also our awakening, not only physical but also spiritual.

There is a Sanskrit word that defines spiritual awakening, but which actually means “liberation”. The word is Moksha.

According to the Indian tradition, the discovery of one’s Self is associated with that of freedom.

But why? What kind of freedom are we talking about?

First of all, let us remember that waking up our true nature means becoming aware that there is a much wider presence within ourselves than the individual we normally identify with. The Self is called Atman in Indian philosophy.

The first freedom that we should discover is to abandon identification with the body. In fact, by discovering our Self, we stop living as prisoners inside our body. Suddenly our presence, which was previously closed within the perimeter of our skin, becomes immense and limitless. We join the world. We are no longer inside our body, but it is our body that is inside us.

The second freedom is the discovery that we are not dependent on our thoughts. The Self is not a thought, but it is consciousness, the awakened space in which our thoughts appear and disappear. Liberation from thought is like liberation from a corvee, from a hellish cycle of recurring thoughts, and it gives us silence.

The third freedom consists in the discovery that our Self is free from our past, from what has happened to us of both positive and negative. Our past remains, of course, and constitutes our history, but the Self lives only in the present moment, so it is always new, original, fresh. It allows us to regenerate the source of our presence every moment.

The fourth freedom is that from the judgment of others, which too often is very heavy. Others see us, judge us and this makes us lose some of our freedom. But others cannot see our true Self, they cannot see who we really are. They only see our appearance, our body, but they cannot see our true nature. Thanks to awakening we are able to free ourselves from the gaze of others and finally to be free.

Which of these four freedoms do you think is most useful for your individual journey?

woman walking on pathway under the sun
Individual Journey – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on