Do you remember the ideas to try out in your free time published some time ago?

We have seen that writing, visiting an unknown city or village, creating a time capsule and learning a new skill are ideas that you could try out in your free time.

Now let’s see some others.

1. Rediscover a childhood pleasure. You surely have many good memories related to your childhood. Some are related to places, others to people, and others to activities. Why don’t you try to rediscover what you liked to do when you were a child? Did you like playing with Lego? Now you could try building something out of wood. Or did you like to draw and then you stopped because life led you to a different path? You could take up this passion again, turn it into a hobby and maybe find out that you also have talent. Let yourself be carried away by memories and choose one that is realistically possible to materialize again.

2. Get moving. Have you not been physically active for a long time? Did the pandemic stop you wanting to go to the gym? Why don’t you try running, walking, or cycling? These are activities that you can do outdoors, so don’t be afraid to get infected. Choose a route or destination then go! Don’t compete with others, just test yourself. Every time you go for a run, walk, or ride you can decide to challenge yourself and go further, or take a more difficult path. Keep track of your achievements with an app or simply by writing them in a notebook. Then, from time to time look at them and you will see the improvements.

3. Dare to “digital detox”. Whatever your degree of addiction to your computer, mobile phone or tablet is, a digital detox can only do some good to you. Stop watching compulsively if a new message has arrived, how many likes the photo you posted on Instagram received, do not download the update of the new trendy game. You may decide to suspend these activities for a weekend. See how it goes, even in this case you can challenge yourself and go beyond the two days.

4. Take care of your pet or someone else’s pet. Studies have shown that spending time with a cat or dog reduces stress, improves physical and mental fitness, and increases our feelings of joy and satisfaction. If you don’t have a pet, you can go to a stray animal shelter and take care of them. You will be amazed by their gratitude!

5. Cook new recipes. We all have at least one cookbook that is gathering dust, as everything is now on the Internet. The advantage of a book over the web is that if you don’t have any ideas on what to prepare for dinner in the evening, you can grab the book and start leafing through it until you find something that inspires you. Then go shopping and start trying your hand at this new idea. Or you can come up with something with what you have already at home. You may also call a friend to prepare this recipe together. Do you know that cooking together is one of the best activities to build a team?  

If you have other ideas, please share them with me!

Don’t miss the next part on other ideas to try out in your free time!

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