Intention is powerful energy that allows you to satisfy a need, be it material, relational, emotional or spiritual.

It is a source of positive energy that allows you to create or fulfil a dream.

Many people think that only by taking action you can achieve your goal or get what you want.

However, intention is more powerful than action because it draws its strength from the energy of the universe that sustains action and guides it to avoid you getting lost or exhausted. If your energy is negative, you will not feel satisfied; you will have the impression of swimming against the current of the water.

Action without intention will never get you to your destination.

Give yourself permission to think and dream big even if it seems impossible! Authorize and solicit a pure consciousness that binds you to this universal “I”, where everything is not only possible, but already exists and needs your intention for it to happen.

By positively utilising the power of intention, you will be guided towards the best. If some cards are given by chance, through observation you will be able to seize the most favourable opportunity that comes to you. Try to adapt to unforeseen situations to turn them into opportunities, because it matters more how you react to what happens to you.

Good fortune can be provoked (certainly not for gambling or winning the lottery) and sometimes you have to be brave and reactive to seize the opportunity that comes to you.

Do you know the story of the two mice falling into a bucket full of milk? One of them yells “help, help”, doesn’t swim and drowns. The other swims to stay afloat so fast that it turns the milk into butter and can come out of the bucket!

Photo by Robert Hrovat on Unsplash

Here are four ideas to try being luckier:

  1. Adopt a positive spirit, attitudes and behaviours.
  2. Dream big even if it seems impossible to you, opening the doors to opportunities.
  3. Stop saying “Yes but …” and replace it with “What if …”.
  4. Find a lucky jingle, a tune you like and that works like a bell to regularly connect on the good wavelength. A mantra or a positive affirmation is also fine.

And let things happen!

Do you feel ready to create your intention?

Photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash