Staying focused and maintaining a high level of productivity when teleworking isn't always easy.

Faced with a list of things that accumulate day after day, the important thing is to plan your day and week in advance. A simple and effective solution is the "to-do list" with the allocation of time and corresponding tasks in your agenda.

In this way, you will work on one thing at a time and will be able also to prioritize.

To be productive, you can try the Pomodoro Technique, which gets its name from the timer used while cooking that often looks like a tomato.

What is this technique about? Work 25 minutes on a specific task and then take a 5 minute break. Repeat this mode 4 times (25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest), then take a longer break of 20 minutes away from the computer. If you have a dog, go for a walk, or water the plants, eat some fruit, do some stretching.

To avoid distractions and focusing problems, do not turn on the TV, do not work on the bed and put your personal phone in the "do not disturb" mode so as not to be interrupted. 

Don't forget to set limits. Once the day is over, don't work overtime and truly disconnect! The ideal would be to have a dedicated workspace, so that you can "leave the office" once you are finished with your work.

Some tips to optimize your workspace.

As regards your workspace at home, do not underestimate the positive effect of comfort on your productivity and concentration. 

Invest in the purchase of a comfortable chair and a foot rest to maintain a good posture. And if you really want to do yourself some good, also buy (or buy only) a standing desk. 

Good lighting is important so as not to strain your eyes and it will help you stay focused. Try a light bulb that diffuses blue light, for example. 

In addition to being comfortable, your workspace at home should reflect your personality with some decorative objects that help you stay inspired during the day and make you want to spend time in it.

Organize your office and arrange your things according to the frequency of use. Keep the things you need frequently on hand. Sort out the things you need least in an easy way so not to waste your time while looking for them.  

Finally, remember that physical exercise is essential for your well-being and after a day of work it would be good to dedicate some time to your body to relax and start the evening well.

What do you think about these tips?
Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash