It may be difficult to take a decision, both private and business related. There are many options that you need to take into account.

First, you start with the assessment of your purpose, by asking yourself: is it worth? Does it serve your dream? Or vision, if it is business related?

To get a clearer dream or vision, you can use the five whys technique that will connect you with your highest purpose and then you will be able to act accordingly in your everyday life. 

The five whys technique works like this: take something that it is hard for you to decide. I take as example going to the gym. We all know that going to the gym regularly is healthy, but often it is easier going out for a drink, or sitting on your couch.

The first question would be: Why should I need to go to the gym? The answer might be because I will feel healthier.

Second question: Why feeling healthier is important to me? Because, I will get more energy.

Third question: Why having more energy is important to me?  Because I can do more things and I can do them better.

Fourth question: Why would I need to do more and better things? Because I will achieve faster important results.

Fifth question: Why is it important achieving results faster? Because I will approach faster to my ultimate goal.

Now that your decisive goal is clear, you can ask yourself: What will happen if I do not take that decision? What impact will it have on my life, if I decide to go that way? What is holding me back? Do I have the personal competencies to take that decision? Can I make a risks and benefits analysis? Do I have the financial resources? 

Decision-making involves a range of personal talents from creativity to intuition, enthusiasm and courage, determination and persistence. You do not need to have them all; you can always ask me to help you out!