I read The Secret by Rhonda Barnes in a very difficult period of my life. I lost my job, was about to leave the house I was living in because it has been put on sale, and didn’t want to buy it. A friend of mine offered me that book. I didn’t read it immediately. I put it in my bookshelf, among other books I wanted to read.

Then I moved to another, unknown country for me, Estonia. I got a job offer for Tallinn. It sounded great and perfect. Only after a couple of months there, it turned out to be a nightmare. My former boss was a egocentric woman, very capable in manipulating people. I truly believe that she harassed me for all the years I worked with her. An investigation carried out later on, confirmed my feeling.

I started to think a way out from that situation. Not easy to find another job, I sent out a lot of applications without result. I decided then to enrol with a coaching programme, to become a professional coach. To be a coach, you need to coach yourself first.

During my studies and training, I stumped in the Law of Attraction (LoA). Then, I remember The Secret, started to read it, finished in a couple of days.

I realized that LoA had worked for me but according to my wishes! I thought that I would have lost my job for a long time and my boss fired me with almost the same words I thought! Too many negative thoughts produced only negativity in my life. So, I said to myself that if it had worked for the bad, it should work for the good. I started my path towards a purposeful life and I reached the first step. My dream, the purpose of my life, is still far away, but stone after stone I will build my house.

You should know that LoA doesn’t work as soon as you start the practise. You need to change your mindset, and it takes time. Miracles don’t happen the day after, but when you don’t expect, your wish will come true.

I can help you with setting your goals to start your practise with the LoA. If interested, please, get in touch with me by clicking here.