It is clear to all that the world in which we live is not perfect, and that indeed there is still a long way to go to improve. Humanity has made incredible technological advances but many of us still live in fear and sorrow. But people have a great common desire: to love and be loved.

The world is plagued by war, diseases, famine, natural catastrophes, corruption, racism, inequality, and mankind has learned little from the thousands of years of civilization of which we are the heirs. We really live in difficult times. But the human being has a resource of inestimable value, love.

To achieve this, you should begin to celebrate life, its magnificent diversity, and make kindness and compassion your priorities. We are all very different, but the human heart needs to express itself by loving and being loved.

I hope to inspire you to offer your contribution to building a better world by opening your heart. Speak and listen to people with empathy, make a difference and never take anything for granted.

Opening your heart to others is not only about giving a precious gift, but it’s also about creating a bond, offering a positive experience, and building a bridge between you and a different world.

So, if you only have one thing to offer, offer an unforgettable experience to leave an unforgettable memory. Or offer forgiveness, or time and attention. And above all, be kind and compassionate.

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