I found this beautiful story about a Buddha statue and would like you to share it with you. I do not know if it is true or not but I think it is very meaningful.

The mud Buddha statue was nearly three meters high. For generations it had been considered sacred by the locals. One day, due to the growth of the city, they decided to move it to a more appropriate place. This delicate operation was entrusted to a recognized monk, who, after careful planning, began the move. His luck was so bad that, in moving the statue, it slipped and fell, breaking into several parts.

Mortified, the monk and his collaborators decided to spend the night pondering the possible solutions. They were long and dark hours. The monk, instead of despairing, aimed to find a way out. Suddenly, observing the shattered sculpture, he noticed that the light from his candle was reflected through the cracks in the statue. He thought it was the raindrops, as it had rained in the afternoon. He approached the crack and noticed that there was something under the mud, but was not sure what it was.

He consulted with his colleagues and decided to take a risk that seemed crazy: he asked for a hammer and began to break the mud, discovering that under it, a nearly three meters high gold Buddha was hidden.

For centuries, this beautiful treasure had been covered under ordinary mud. They carried out a research and found out that the village was about to be attacked by bandits. Therefore, to protect their treasure, the inhabitants covered it with mud to make it seem common. The people were attacked and pillaged, but the bandits ignored the Buddha. Afterward, the inhabitants thought it was best to keep hiding it under the mud.

Over time, people began to think that the Golden Buddha was a legend or an invention of the old people. Finally, everyone forgot about the real treasure because they thought that something so beautiful could not be true.

However, eventually, they discovered a real treasure!

I think that it is the same for us. You can find some treasures under the surface. Your treasures may be your ability to give, to enjoy, to thank, to laugh, to forgive, to dream big, to pass over the little things, and to value what is important in yourself and in others .

Learn to see your life through the mud and you will realize that you also are a treasure surrounded by other treasures.

What is this story teaching you? Would you agree with my interpretation of this story?

red and black wooden chest on white sand
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com