In psychology the Locus of Control is defined as the modality with which an individual believes that the events of her life are produced by her behaviours or actions, or that they are produced by external causes independent on her will.

The first case refers to a person that mainly considers that the events of her life are an effect of her actions and therefore a variable on which she can intervene as far as possible (LoC internal).

On the other hand, a person with primarily an external LoC attributes to fate the causes of all the events that happen. Therefore, they she believes that she cannot control what happens to her.

The Locus of Control represents therefore the mental attitude with which we feel being able to determine our actions and the corresponding results, contrasted to the control practiced by fate and by external circumstances.

Are you a person with prevalence of external Locus of Control?

Or are you rather a person with mainly internal Locus of Control?

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