I like very much Christmas holidays. They remind me my childhood when I used to wait for Midnight opening the presents with my family. Now, that I am an expat, I like going back home at Christmas time, because I like to share this peaceful time with my dearest. 

However, I can understand that it can turn out in a stressful period. Buying presents at the last minute, preparing dinner for the Christmas’ Eve or lunch (or both, as we do in my family, not to miss anything…).  Wishing Merry Christmas to all your relatives and friends, hoping not to forget anyone. 

Here are 5 tips to keep a positive mind-set and enjoy yourself. Follow these tips for coping with some of the stress that the holidays can cause.

  1. Reach out to loved ones

Family and friends back home may want to spend time with you during the holidays, and expect a visit. You can try your best to keep in touch – a phone conversation or spending a few minutes chatting with a loved one can make a big difference, and lift both your and their spirit. And you will not feel guilty 🙂

2. Make the most of it

Adjusting to new traditions can bring up mixed feelings and emotional struggle. Try not to put yourself under too much pressure. Embracing the new, while maintaining a sense of tradition to your new surroundings, can help you feel better.

3. Don’t let the publicity affect you

You may feel surrounded by images and ideas of what the perfect holidays should look like – but the truth is that holidays can be stressful emotionally and financially. Don’t let the media get into you and avoid comparing yourself to unrealistic depictions. 

4. Seek support

People who are going through difficult situations, such as grieving, the loss of a loved one or dealing with the break of a relationship, can be particularly vulnerable and experience further emotional stress with the holiday season. It’s important not to ignore your feelings. Reaching out for support from specialists or counselling sessions can help you analyse your feelings and cope with overwhelming emotional struggle.

5. Find your balance

Take time to reflect and think about what works best for you. Whether you can or want to visit relatives abroad or spend the festive season in your host country must be in tune with your personal priorities and needs. Finding the balance that is right for you is essential for your mental health.

Happy Holidays!

I am going on holidays too. Look for next post in 2019!