Crisbie coach

Bringing Positive Changes in Your Life

Who I am, what I do and what I can do for you

Photo by Lionel Allorge - Wikimedia Commons

How I define myself:

  1. curios and independent
  2. introvert but not shy
  3. organised and emphatic
  4. studdborn, when I want to achieve something I don’t give it up
  5. competent
  6. care for the others

How the others define me:

  1. good listener, friendly and caring
  2. gives valuable advise
  3. straight forward and approachable
  4. puts people at ease and gets their trust
  5. courageous, says what she thinks even if she might be unpopular
  6. determined and reliable

What I do:

I work in the Human Resources area in a big international organisation in Brussels.

What I can do for you:

Help you identify and discover obstacles that do not let you develop your full potential in the professional field. This will help you also in improving your well-being.

We will discuss between us your goals and set objectives to achieve them. You will feel supported and never judged. Together we will build step by step a path to reformulate your thoughts (as Louise Hay used to say, a thought is just a thought and you can change it) and your behavior.

I will help you to break with your negative habits and replace them with new positive habits that will lead you to build or rebuild your career, to take it or take it back into your hands.

Though I’m not a psychotherapist, I can not help you solving psychological problems.

The purpose of coaching is to help you identify your goals, find the way to achieve them and develop useful habits and skills.

We focused on creating what you want now and what you want for your future.



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