A lady, who we will call Anna, widowed, had become very poor and even had three children to raise all alone.

At that time lotteries were already very common in tobacco shops and once the lady wanted to play because she had dreamed of the number 16. She told a neighbor who suggested she go to the tobacco shop and play everything she had on that number.

So, Anna went to the tobacco shop and played the number she dreamed of, 16. On the day of the draw, her neighbor told her happily that number 16 had come out. The win earned the lady a large sum of money that allowed her to change her life.

Since then Anna was convinced that she was a fortunate foresight.

The children grew up and left the town in search of work. When one of the three children returned to the house where he grew up, to visit his old mother, he also met old friends, including the former neighbor. The woman then told him how happened that his mother Anna won the lottery.

The idea was just that Anna’s neighbor asked around the whole neighborhood for a monetary contribution, each according to their own possibilities, to be donated to his mother because otherwise she would never have accepted money from anyone, because of her pride.

When they heard that Mrs. Anna had dreamed of the number 16, they gave the money to the owner of the tobacco shop, who then gave it to her mother, telling her that the winning number was precisely 16, that she had dreamed of.

What do you think of this short story of solidarity?