Here are the last ideas (for the moment) that came up to my mind and that you could try our in your free time. The previous parts are published here.

  • Plan a trip “on the road”. Offer yourself a little adventure to organize a road trip. Take a road map, identify a path that you do not know, and maybe not so well known. Look for a place to stop for the night. Check the weather forecast and go!
  • Try “geocaching”. Do you know what geocaching is? It is a so-called “experiential” game, which is nothing more than the technological evolution of the classic treasure hunt. Participants, called “geocachers”, use a GPS device or an App on a Smartphone to hide or find containers of different types and sizes. Sometimes they are organized by voluntary associations to raise funds, so participating would also help to finance a good cause. You will find them of any types, from the simplest to the most elaborate, sometimes with puzzles to solve.
  • Make a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your life, from your goals to your dreams, and also the experiences you want to live. Once completed, choose a wish and make it come true!
  • Rest. It is decided, in your free time you do nothing. It is your right, if you get bored know that boredom could prove to be a source of creativity. Doing nothing helps you recreate your regenerating sphere to which you consciously or unconsciously aspire.

To conclude, I would like to stress the importance of the mentality with which you approach your free time. Sometimes it would be more useful to take leave also from yourself and not only from your job.. Going on vacations not always means making emptiness within yourself, freeing yourself from everyday thoughts. Sometimes going on vacations means fleeing, running away from your reality. And escaping from everyday life doesn’t mean your mental worries go on vacations too!

If you would like to send me your ideas, I will add to future posts to be published in my blog!

Thank you for reading so far!

Writing Your Ideas – Photo by from Pexels