The story you are about to read contains a very interesting moral, especially in light of the importance that our society gives to physical appearance. Here is how you can avoid disastrous results.

The Dove and the Crow.

On a beautiful sunny spring day, a dove with white feathers flew through the forest, and she stopped on a branch.

And what bird are you? A crow asked.  I am a dove. Looking around she saw a flock of strange black birds: some flew, others rested like her on the branches of the trees. – What strange birds. They are black as carbon! – thought the dove. Suddenly one of them flew on the branch in front of her.

You are as pale as a dead man – said the crow. But everyone tells me that my feathers are snow-white – replied the dove. Don’t make me laugh! Look at us instead. Everyone admires us precisely for our beautiful feathers. The dove felt mortified: she felt different from all of them!

The dove decided then to get her feathers dirty. Now I really want to see what that obnoxious bird will say – she thought. There was a puddle full of mud nearby. So, without thinking for a moment she flew away, glided over the water and began to turn in the mud, dirtying the white feathers with black. Finally she was black too!

Unfortunately, at that moment a hungry wolf arrived, and targeted the dove. The poor thing was not able to fly because the feathers were all stuck by the mud, and she ended up being the wolf’s lunch.

Moral: Everyone should be happy with their appearance. Do not try to imitate others because the result might be disastrous.

Have you ever tried to be a dove?

back view photo of white dove perched on palm tree branch
Dove – Photo by M Sidharda on