If you don’t have air conditioning like me (living in Brussels, I thought it was rare to exceed 30 degrees, while the last few summers are showing the opposite), the high temperatures of this period could prevent you from having a quality sleep. It goes without saying that a good sleep allows you to be in good shape the next day, productive and less stressed.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Here are some tips to help you refresh the atmosphere and sleep better:

  1. choose cotton on your skin. Even though it may seem to you that a light cotton tee-shirt will warm you up during the night, it is actually better because the cotton will absorb sweat;
  2. put a wet bed sheet in front of an open window. It will cool the air down;
  3. don’t take a cold shower before going to bed, otherwise your body will have to raise its temperature to reach its normal one. Take a warm shower and put only your hands and feet into cold water;
  4. pass an aloe vera or a mint stick on the temples and wrists to get a refreshing effect;
  5. drink a hot herbal tea to cause a hot-cold shock to your body also for a refreshing effect.

Are you ready to try them out?

Photo by Anelya Okapova on Unsplash