In these difficult times, I share a paragraph taken from John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”, which for me represents an example of strength and courage, as well as of perspective. Steinbeck is known for the realism of his novels and for the humor features that add to his descriptions. He tells of a lost America without losing hope in humanity and in renaissance.

“Our life ain’t over. It ain’t, and that’s the thing a woman knows.

I noticed that.

See man, he lives in a jerk.

Baby born, man dies, that’s a jerk.

Gets a farm and loses his farm, and that’s a jerk.

Woman, it’s all one flow, like a stream.

Little eddies, little waterfalls,

but the river, it goes right on.

Woman looks at it like that.

We ain’t gonna die out.

People is going on.

Changing a little maybe, but going right on.

Everything we do, seems to me, is aimed at going on.

It seems that way to me.

Even getting hungry, even being sick.

Some die, but the rest is tougher. Just try to live the day, just the day.”

Have a brightful day.