We are in a very nice period of the year: summer holidays are approaching. Summer has been in the air for a few months now and in a few days I will be leaving for Sardinia with my husband and our son, who, even if he is almost 19, still appreciates coming on holiday with us.
We will go on vacation in a beautiful village in the Gulf of Asinara, Lu Bagnu. Sea view apartment from two terraces. Not only sea view, the sea can also be felt and heard by opening the window, so close it is. Beautiful sunsets accompanied by an aperitif in an idyllic setting. Not by chance they call it Sunsets Bay.

What will I do on vacation? I want to get up in the morning calmly, have breakfast with my husband, get ready to go to the beach to take our long morning walks, which are so good to me. The feeling of my feet on the sand is priceless, it makes me feel good when I put my feet on a soft silky ground, which at that time of the morning is warm. It is an energizing contact that puts me in a good mood.

Then go home to pick up our son, who likes sleeping long, and take the car to find a new beach to explore. Lie down in the sun, take a swim in the sea, get dry with the warm sea breeze. Read the books by Guillaume Musso that I have downloaded on the e-reader, practise meditation, listen to music. Eat grilled fish, a good pizza, a special pasta dish. Take a walk in the town centre, eat an ice cream, buy some souvenirs that will brighten the dark winter days.

This is how my summer holidays look like. What about yours? Share it with me!