I read this in one of my colleague’s office, and I started to think about it. There are people who behave bossy and other people who seem more co-operative, they like working in team, sharing ideas, and are accountable. Are they natural born leader?

I consider that being a manager does not mean being a leader. Leaders have natural charisma, manager can be sometime a pain in your neck.

What makes the difference? The personality, of course. You cannot be a leader if you are not a good listener for instance, do not think about everyone’s well-being but only at your own. Natural born leader strive for creating a positive working environment so that everyone feels included and part of an organisation that cares.

If leaders are not managers, maybe they will create a bit of chaos and confusion but they should be listened by the management, as they may have followers who share their vision.

What about if you are a manager but not a natural born leader? You should try to listen carefully to your people’s needs, aspirations and ambitions. You should avoid abusing from the power that your position entails, you should avoid making favouritism among your staff, and you should also refrain from micromanaging people. In one word, you should not be bossy. Your ideas are as much valuables as your people’s ideas.