I think that I am going to say something obvious now: being an entrepreneur or a business person is not easy. However, their personal and interpersonal characteristics and skills are not obvious. Some seem unrealistic and they are like myths. Here are five of them.

1.  Entrepreneurs love risk. There is nothing more false than that. Apart from some people, such as those, for example, who do extreme sports, entrepreneurs and business people prefer trying to control risks, like most of us. They analyse potential risks and draft a management plan for each category of risk they identify.

2. Entrepreneurs and business people are visionaries. Actually, they test their ideas day after day. Entrepreneurs and business people are very flexible people with a great spirit of adaptation. Their idea can also change dramatically because of the market needs.

3. Entrepreneurs and business people know how to make predictions. I think entrepreneurs and business people trust more what they do. Any prediction they can make is destined to clash with the reality that changes more and more quickly. Entrepreneurs and business people learn to trust their own intuition.

4. Entrepreneurs and business people are not like us. Well, yes, they are like us, they were not born entrepreneurs or business man/woman, but they have became one. Like all things, you can learn the art or science, as you prefer, of entrepreneurship. What is important is the business idea to be developed, the rarer or more unusual, the better. It is not even important to know how to draft a business plan. You could learn it in business schools or even download it from the Internet. The business plan may be useful to guide you through the business process and if you want to ask for financing or sponsorship. Entrepreneurs and business people try daily on the ground their business model and they learn from the market, from their customers and potential customers.

5. Entrepreneurs are successful on their own. This is also false: entrepreneurs and business people shall be able to count on a team and work with them. Nowadays it is unthinkable to be able to do everything by yourself. The things to do are thousands and sometimes complex, you need to work with many people with different competencies and skills, and that can easily work with each other.

Do you think you have any business skills? Let me know!