Nowadays, we see that a lot of jobs no longer exist in the market, or they are about to disappear. If they will not disappear, they will change tremendously.

In the future, there will be more people that are self-employed then employees. Flexibility and life-long training will be more and more needed as it will be necessary to switch from a competence to another one, depending on the project or job.

Besides your own professional network, you will need to develop a professional identity. The more it will be clear and coherent, the more your competencies will be noted.

To build a professional branding, you need to act on two levels:

  1. Professional: knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA);
  2. Personal: values, purpose of life, engagement, without speaking about your private life unless it has implications on your job or project.

Whether you are an employee or a self-employed, the future belongs to those who train themselves not only with the new technologies, but also strengthening their own abilities to act in diverse and complex situations.

By participating in training courses, managing a new project, starting a new job you may learn new KSA. Try to anticipate trends or find a niche to develop. 

Working with the uncertainty of the future (temporary contracts, fixed-term contracts, and self-employment) will mean not only knowing how to manage your own finance between one salary and another, but also a certain inner anxiety caused by your vision of the future, your personal identity and the reflection on your values. You will therefore need to develop your intuition, learn or improve project management and quickly direct your experiences, transforming them into added value for others.

In summary, to be able to work in the future you need to learn regularly and to develop great resilience, so that you will be able to influence your environment, the organisation you will be working for and even the society, through the development of:

1. a strong professional identity;

2. appropriate meaning and values;

3. continuing training.

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