Making Space is an exercise in becoming aware of what’s going on in you and finding a little space between you and your concerns. This can help you to take a moment to relax and to develop good conditions in yourself before you start doing something else.

The exercise is simple though very helpful, you only have to follow these instructions:

1. Sit comfortably and put away, or better switch off any mobile device or source of distraction. If you live with someone, tell her that you need some minutes to be on your own and in silence.

2. Try to be good a companion to yourself. You can do this by giving yourself a big hug, of welcoming yourself like you would welcome a good friend.

3. If you want, close your eyes for a while and observe your breathing. Notice how you simply breathe in and out, without needing to change this pattern.

4. Let your attention come down into your body. Be aware of your physical body. Start with your feet and legs, your arms and hands, and then sense the contact of your body with whatever you’re sitting on. Now bring awareness into the middle part of your body, sensing your throat, and your chest, and your belly. Let your awareness rest in this whole middle area of your body.

5. Ask yourself the question: “What is my mind busy with now?” or “How am I feeling right now?” or “How is my life going?” or “What are my main concerns for me right now?”

6. Notice everything that comes to your mind and what you observe in your body, without judgement. Don’t go into anything right now. Recognise whatever comes up as it arises. Just say “Yes, that’s there. I can feel that, there.” Remember not to judge, take it as it comes to your mind.

7. Write on a piece of paper some words on the topics that came to your attention. Take the time you need for it.

8. You can then give yourself the opportunity to put each of these things aside. Place the paper away from you, at the distance you feel right for it. Continue doing like this until you have written down all the different things that have come up and found a place for them. The right place to put something aside may be at a small or a large distance from yourself, depending on what your intuition tells you to do. Change the place until you feel that it is right.

9. Observe your feelings after putting all the papers aside. Feel whether you now have an open inner space.

10. You may also write down a key word or a phrase or an image to capture the experience of having inner space. Give yourself a moment to enjoy this experience of being detached from your concerns and take the time to relax.

Are you now ready to focus your attention on anything else different? If this is not the case, then just go on with this exercise.

Let me know how it works for you!