Summer is not over yet, but we are back to work. It’s hard, I know. We miss the beautiful days spent on vacation, wherever it was. I miss the beautiful sea of Sardinia, the fantastic boat trips we took and the genuine food we ate there.

Here are three tips I would like to give you to boost your morale:

  1. follow your rhythm – it may seem simple but it’s not always like that. Try to follow what your body tells your. You need to stretch, take five minutes and do it. You feel like walking, go out of the office for five minutes and walk. You would like to eat chocolate, eat it! And if you are an early bird, don’t start your morning by reading your emails, leave it for later, when you will be a bit tired.
  2. manage your time – learn how to prioritise your activities not only day by day but week by week. Try to establish a couple of objectives you would like to achieve by the end of your week, prepare a step-by-step plan and follow it up.
  3. learn to say NO – It seems that nobody cares about the fact that you just came back from holidays. Then, make them understand by saying no. If your boss asks you something that it goes beyond your competence, let her know and ask for help. If your partner asks you something that you disagree on, tell her and try to negotiate. If one of your friends asks you to do some jogging with her and you don’t want it, just let her know that you don’t feel like to.